Speaker Pathways to Profit

Strategic Guide to Prospecting & Pitching

This Strategic Guide is designed to offer you powerful strategies and actionable steps specifically focused on identifying and engaging potential clients, and effectively converting them into paid engagements.

Embodying the CEO/Sales Role

It's time to shift your mindset. Speaking is a business, and as a speaker, you are its CEO. This mindset shift is pivotal. When you're in sales mode, you're not just a talented speaker; you're a strategic business owner, negotiating and closing deals. This Strategic Guide will equip you with the tools and strategies to navigate these waters, ensuring that when the Talent in you takes the stage, it's the CEO in you who has crafted that opportunity.

In this guide, Kelly Charles-Collins, Esq. walks you through

  • Differentiating Leads vs Prospects

  • Prospecting Clients: Finding Your Ideal Match

  • Prospecting for Opportunities: Beyond Direct Clients

  • Leveraging Personal Networks, Job Boards & Events

  • Cold vs. Warm Pitching

  • Embracing the 3 C's of Pitching

  • And more ...

to help you develop the strategies to convert your contacts into speaking, training, and consulting contracts.

The Result

✨ Be more strategic and intentional.

✨ Save time, energy, and resources.

✨ Don't burn bridges by being unprepared.

✨ Show up powerfully when prospects seek you out.

✨ Gain clarity to connect and convert contacts with confidence.

About the Author

Kelly Charles-Collins, Esq.

Kelly is a dynamic force in mentoring women to own their space as
influential thought leaders. As Founder & CEO of HR Legally Speaking and Speaker Moguls®, her passion lies in uncovering each woman's unique 'UNfactor' and transforming it into a powerful platform for success. Kelly's approach is uniquely insightful, guiding women and corporate leaders to leverage public speaking for substantial growth and impact.

With her experience as an employment law trial attorney, keynote
and an award-winning TEDx speaker, Kelly’s mission is to ensure women's value is not erased but magnified. She specializes in mentoring women to harness public speaking as a dynamic tool for personal branding, leadership elevation, and as a growth strategy in their careers and entrepreneurial ventures.

Kelly has been recognized as a top public speaking voice on LinkedIn and a 2-time winner of the Most Inclusive HR Influencer Award and her
insights and expertise have been featured in major media outlets like ABC, NBC, CBS, Forbes, and Fast Company. She’s also author of several books, including "Unapologetic AF: 34 Ways to Unleash Your Inner Badass" and "Convo Catalyst: The Humanistic Guide to Ignite Dialogue, Shift Perspectives & Cultivate Change.”

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